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The Voice Studio

This studio is designed to equip vocal performers and public speakers for effective vocal stamina forperformance effectiveness and longevity. The student client is taught how to nurture knowledge of healthy vocal practices in order to sustain lasting vitality and vocal resonance regardless of genre. The principle of “discovering discovery” is the essence of our teaching/learning method. When student-clients adopt the discovery method the idea of consistent practice becomes a rewarding experience rather than a laborious chore.
The journey

Growth Through Confident Commitment

Effective vocal skills are learned and developed in step-wise progression. Student-client confidence increases while experiencing new skills that enhance their vocal sound and range. They are taught “how” to successfully manage the body and throat for effective and controlled tone production. The primary fundamentals of Breath Control and Effective Vocal Tone are learned skills that are achieved over time with specifically designed instruction and consistent student-client practice.

Be Your Best

Get the Part. Own Your Spot.

Specific instruction in performance communication is beneficial for performance success. Musical theater roles, choral solos and competition victories come to those who prepare in advance. Talent, never being
enough, must be combined with intelligent, competent skill and stage presence. Once on stage the singermust exhibit the capacity to confidently make an impact on all those who experience their vocal presentation.
Flexible Scheduling

In Person or Online

I work with my students to find a time, place, and channel to meet, whether that’s during the day, in person, or online.

Your Success is My Success

Every student-client has specific individual needs that requires specific individual lesson attention.

Vocal Stamina

The life of the vocal tone comes from the effective use of the body core, relaxed open throat, and healthy use of the vocal chords.


Insights are transmitted from instructor to student-clients during each lesson. KNowledge is retained through consistent practice.
Creative Ideas

Personal Touch

Individual lessons inspire personal discoveries into how to best serve the character and strength of the voice.

What My Students are Saying

“An Exceptional Teacher”

“An exceptional teacher and Vocal Pedagogue. I would not be the singer and person I am today without him.”

-David Conley,

“He Made Lessons Fun”

“Dr. Rogers began working with my 8 yr old son, Niles. He made lessons fun. The following year Niles booked the role of Young Simba in the touring then the broadway cast of The Lion King.”

-Nakita Fitch, Attorney & CEO of Showbiz Mom

“I Am So Greatful”

“I am so grateful for… vocal skills and character building that I gain from your instruction.”

-Shiena Sneed,
contralto performer

“My Confidence Has Grown”

“Dr. Rogers has helped me to hear my voice in a new way. My confidence has grown under his guidance.”

-Erin Wilson,

Vocal Lessons
Available to All Genre

Solo Singer/Soloists
Choral Singers

Skill Development

Enhance Breath Support
Develop Your Natural Range
Enhance Vocal Strength
Stamina & Longevity Skillset
Discern Your Vocal Type

Live Performance
Choral Ensembles

Small to Large Ensembles
All Genres of Music

Recital Performances

Enhance Breath Support
Develop Your Natural Range
Enhance Vocal Strength
Stamina & Longevity Skillset
Discern Your Vocal Type

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